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    The Systems and software section is responsible for managing the physical and logical ICT environment of the university’s core IT operations.It ensures a secure, stable, organised and reliable operating environment for critical core management of information systems, telephone, server and printing systems.The section also coordinates the maintenance and support of all operations and systems in the university including providing data backup services to the university community. The section initiates and coordinates systems software development and/or purchases for the university’s management information systems and teaching/learning systems.

    The Section reports to the Director, Information and Communications Technology Services Department.

    What We Do
    • Design and implementation of database and other software related projects for the Information and Communications Technology Services Department and other units within the University.
    • Design and implementation of decision support systems for the various units of the university
    • Design and conduct training courses for all grades of users within the university.
    • Train both junior and senior personnel with matters pertaining to systems.
    • Carry out research of new web technologies
    • Interconnect  WebPages with University authorised databases and systems
    • Web Proxy configurations and maintenance
    • Maintain the integrity of the website
    • Liaise with the Network Engineer on the security of sites
    • Installation of software and computer hardware for all user departments.
    • Develop in-house programs for user departments
    • Maintain legacy systems in the departments
    • Train data capture operators in the use of applications
    • Backup data and system files

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    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is a blended learning platform for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. It was introduced as a feature of Google Apps for Education following its public release on August 12, 2014. Google Classroom ties Google's many services together to help educational institutions go to a paperless system. Assignment creation and distribution is accomplished through Google Drive while Gmail is used to provide classroom communication. Students can be invited to classrooms through the institution's database, through a private code that can then be added in the student interface or automatically imported from a School Information Management System. Google Classroom integrates with students' and teachers' Google Calendar.

    Google Docs
    Google Hangouts
    Google Drive

    NUST Learn Online Features

    Chat Room

    The Chat room facility allows for real-time collaboration between students enrolled in the respective courses within a department. Chat rooms also provide an area for instructors and students to have precise conversations with other participants in a course or project worksite. The Chat tool supports the creation of multiple chat rooms, however, only one chat room can be active at any given time. 

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    Resources Tool
    Tests & Quizzes
    Learn Online Gradebook

    NUST Students Portal Features.

    Online Registration

    The Online Registration System allows students, through the Internet, to register, drop, or add courses within the registration period

    Students who have cleared all outstanding payments are able to successfully complete the process

    Online Examinations Results and Transcript
    Online Continuous Assessments Marks
    Online Students Payments History
    Online Individual Examinations Timetables
    NUST Online Payments

    NUST Students Access Services

    NUST Students Wifi

    To access students wifi via any compatible device, students are to use the credentials that they have been allocated upon admission into NUST

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    Exam and Library Access

    Students ICT Services Manuals

    Online Registrattion Manual

    Students Webmail Manual

    Students Wi-fi Access Manual

    Students LearnOnline Manual


    Students Biometric Access System

    Online Students Attendance Register

    NUST Requisition System

    NUST Online Payments

    Meet Our Team

    Successful projects are usually the result of careful planning and the talent and collaboration of a project's team members. Project can't move forward without each of its key team members.
    Zibusiso Edwin Ndlovu
    Zibusiso Edwin NdlovuSystems Manager
    Ayonda Yolanda Mazorodze
    Ayonda Yolanda MazorodzeSoftware Support Technician
    Owen Munemo
    Owen MunemoActing Software Engineer
    Mandla Crispen NdlovuSoftware Support Technician
    Ngqabutho Nhlabano
    Ngqabutho NhlabanoWebMaster
    Maidei Kurebwasekwa
    Maidei KurebwasekwaProgrammer

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