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    The Networks and Hardware section is responsible for the maintenance of the University Network backbone, including inter-building fibre cables, switches, hubs, CAT5 cabling within the building up to LAN points including the planning, installation, maintenance and running of all university File Servers, Web Server, Mail Server, Backup Servers, Print Servers and the Internet link to the outside world.The section is also expected to provide the tools for measuring, monitoring and managing bandwidth utilisation, firewalling and other network and server security aspects.It also provides advice to other groups on Campus and regularly provides information and support on desktop hardware failure issues.

    The section continuously and proactively investigates new technology, software and techniques for simplifying and stabilising the provision of computing and networking facilities to the university, providing networking and computing solutions, emphasising on open source rather than proprietary software that can give maximum reliability and security within the resource constraints that universities currently operate under.

    Networks assists and coaches networking engineers/technicians on all maintenance and troubleshooting and fault resolution procedures within the networking infrastructure and all operating systems.The division is responsible for the support of users (staff and students) in the day-to-day execution of their duties in using ICT resources. The section reports to the Director, Information and Communications Technology Services.

    Networks and Hardware Support Services

    • Planning and designing campus backbone network
    • Ensuring the efficient operation of computer networks.
    • Planning and implementing network development to take advantage of the latest technologies available.
    • Configuring communication equipment e.g. Routers, Bridges, Switches, modems, hubs and repeaters.
    • Liaising with Service Providers concerning connections to campus and beyond.
    • Enabling those managing computer equipment to connect to the networks for the academic purposes of the University.
    • Managing the range of IP address blocks assigned to the University.
    • Preventing equipment connected to the network from interfering with other users on the network.
    • Advising the University and its members on networking issues.
    • Reporting to the Network Manager, Information and Communications Technology Services Department
    • Implementing duties as assigned by the Director, Information and Communications Technology Services Department
    • Installation of all cabling and electronic network communications equipment infrastructure.
    • Terminations, testing and configuration of all the above equipment
    • Maintaining all external communications links to associated local and national institutions.
    • Managing maintaining, upgrading, monitoring, troubleshooting and repairing both in terms of hardware and software, the transport layers of this infrastructure
    • Maintaining comprehensive records and documentation for all applications and fault reports.
    • Maintaining a close cooperation and liaison with external service providers
    • Providing user support in the absence of a dedicated User Support Unit
    • Providing computer literacy training on standard software where necessary.
    • Setting up and connecting new users to the NUST network.
    • Maintenance of University main campus and satellite campuses PABX systems
    • Maintenance of end user telephone handsets whether cordless/wired, fax machines of different types and direct lines.
    • Planning and Implementation of latest telecommunications systems and resources that can result in efficient cost effective and high-quality communication for the University.
    • Carrying out cabling and other means of connecting communications equipment as needed.
    • Maintainance of appropriate records of Telecommunication resources belonging to the University

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    Bongani DlaminiNetwork Technician
    Dalubuhle Dlodlo
    Dalubuhle DlodloNetwork Technician

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