Faculty of Industrial Technology

The Faculty of Industrial Technology is one of the University's three pioneer faculties that were established in April, 1991. The Faculty offers a five year Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering, Civil and Water Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering and Textile Technology


Engineering is the art of distilling relevant scientific knowledge for the purpose of bringing useful items, materials or services into being. The engineer seeks to quantify all the variables that are germane to a project, makes informed estimates where hard data is not available, and sets down a logical progression towards solving problems, which others can readily understand and use as a basis for action.


Engineers find employment in a wide range of activities such as research and development, design of new products, management of projects or plants, the operation and control of processes, education and training, marketing, technical services, accountancy, health and safety.


An Engineer needs to combine a sound understanding of scientific principles with practical intuition. He/She must be able to communicate ideas effectively both verbally and by means of Engineering drawings and written reports. A good understanding of human nature is needed combined with an awareness of the social and economic implications of engineering activities.The student must be made aware of the need to compromise in design and the importance of imagination and innovation in applying the experience of others.

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