Environmental education has been conceived as a process of recognising the value and various concepts of the environment. This is aimed at determining the skills and approaches necessary for understanding the relationship between the biophysical and human environments. The relationship between the environment and health cannot be over emphasised.

TheĀ  programmes have been designed to provide broad-based education for undergraduate students in the fields of environmental science and environmental health. Such fields cover issues related to resource use, protection and enhancement of environmental quality. It is further hoped that the graduates from these programmes will develop their abilities to think and analyse issues pertaining to their fields without being limited by their conventional constraints of academic boundaries. Given such a background, some of the departmental and programme objectives are to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Provide professional advice on matters relating to the environment, environmental law and policy, public health and environmental health;
  • Participate and provide leadership in the formulation of appropriate early warning systems of environmental change;
  • Participate in environmental impact assessment and setting up of various systems such as environmental management, quality, occupational health and safety, food hygiene management and HACCP.
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in environmental sciences, environmental health and public health