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The Department of Insurance and Actuarial Science strives to become a leading centre for higher learning in the continent and beyond.  The department offers unique programmes in Zimbabwe because no other institution of higher learning offers the same degrees in the country.  Currently, the department has very strong internal and external links with industry and other institutions which share the same vision with us.  The success of our programmes is built on the partnership we have with the insurance industry in Zimbabwe, Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa Limited (South Africa), the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK), Heriot Watt University (Scotland, UK) and the University of Aberdeen.  These organisations and many others have contributed immensely to the running and quality of our programmes.


The department offers two degree programmes viz:
 i)  Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Science) Honours    
 ii) Bachelor of Commerce (Risk Management and Insurance) Honours

Our programmes are internationally recognised and more crucially they qualify for exemption status for the professional studies offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) UK and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries



(a)    B.Comm. Actuarial Science

Three A level Subjects which must include mathematics and any of the following:  Further Mathematics, Economics, Statistics or any other relevant subjects.  Mathematics is however mandatory for Actuarial Science.

(b)    B.Comm .Insurance & Risk Management

Three A level passes which preferrably should include a commercial subject.  Candidates with A level Mathematics will have a distinct advantage in some courses offered in this programme.


   Departmental Staff

    Telephone EXT.
  Chairperson Mr A. Dube 2123
 Senior Secretary Miss F. Usavi 2121
 Lecturers Mr. J. M. Ngwenya 2138
  Mr. T. Chowa 2138
  Mr. A. Muzvuwe 2143
 Teaching Assistants Mr. N. Khumalo 2456
  Mr. B.W. Mazwiona 2138
  Mr. T. Zvingoro 2138
  Mr. I. Nyanhete 2138


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