Welcome to the Department of Business Management.This departmental website provides you with the information that you will need to successfully complete the four-years ahead.
The Department of Business Management seeks "to become the distinguished centre of excellence in marketing and management education in Africa".

It is with this vision in mind that the Department of Business Management, has come up with a combination of courses and a teaching programme that measures up extremely well to what is offered by the very best universities in Europe, America and Australia. The Department has a number of linkages with prominent universities in the United Kingdom and USA.

The Departmental teaching staff is of high calibre with a wide range of Research interests as well as wealth of work and teaching experience. The Department of Business Management is now permanently housed in the new state-of-the-art university Campus at the corner of Gwanda Road and Cecil Avenue in Bulawayo, and it has the most up-to-date university educational facilitates to any institution of education in Zimbabwe.
Future Plans

The Department has a number of exciting and yet challenging plans for the future. These include the following:
Establishing research links with regional and overseas business schools.
Introducing a small business management course.
Purchasing and installing new computer equipment and providing Internet access to lecturers and students.

 Departmental Staff

 Chairman      Mr. M.J. Ndlovu 2382
 Senior Secretary Mrs L. Paulosi 2181
 Secretary Mrs Z. Ramushu 2182
 Lecturers Mr. M. Nyathi  
  Mrs J. Charumbira 2145
  Mr. S.B. Mlilo 2088
  Mrs S. Ngwenya 2145
  Mr. K. Chirambwi 2500
  Mrs J. Mwenje 2175
  Mr. J. M. Habvane 2174
  Miss C. Masukume   
  Mr. P. M. Ngulube 2096
  Mr. O. Masunda 2343
  Mr. Makwanise 2343
  Mr. R. Dlodlo     
  Mr. K. P. Mehlo  
  Mr. D. Foya        2500
  Miss. D. Odunzi  
 Teaching Assistants  Mr. G. Ndlovu  
  Miss. I. Ncube  
  Miss. T. Gwatsvaira  


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