The department of Accounting is one of the most popular departments in the Faculty of Commerce. It was established the same year that the University came into being , in 1991. The department was located at the United College of Education, along the Victoria Falls road here in Bulawayo.The department then moved together with the rest of the Faculty Department to the present site in September 1998.Over the years the department has enjoyed a good working relationship with a number of Organizations , companies and Departments in sister universities in the country and in other countries. Over the years the department has enjoyed a good working relationship with a number of organisations, companies and departments in sister universities in the country and outside. The department has a strong link with the major professional Accounting associations including ICA(Z), ACCA, CIMA and CIS.

Departmental Vision

The department’s vision is to engender life long learning amongst students and to be the leaders in teaching and researching in the Accounting profession.

Mission Statement

To provide graduates with sound technical skills coupled with the ability to apply these skills in settings which require a broader understanding of accounting issues. The programmes are geared towards Chartered Accountants and General Accountants to work in Industry and Commerce.

Departmental Objectives

To provide high quality accounting education and thus earn NUST a rightful place in the University fraternity.
To review and revamp the existing degree structure to equip graduates with the necessary techniques and expertise to enable them to play a meaningful role in the rapidly changing economic environment
To introduce new programmes both at diploma and postgraduate levels to meet the manpower needs nationally, regionally and internationally
To provide opportunities for staff development through continuing education programmes

Departmental Staff



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